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Perfect Fit People Recruitment - 10 years on

10 Years On . . .

About Us . . .

Why choose our services

Founded originally in 2014 we thought it was time to bring our own unique approach to recruitment, so we took our 20 years of experience, selected the best bits and then added our own, very special touch. 


Consequently for us it’s about quality not quantity, so we will only put forward fully qualified candidates who are the best available in their field and that are a great match to both your role and your culture.

Our process

We search out the best match of skills to job demands and candidate aspirations to job progression whilst taking account of our clients expectations and affordability.

We build collaborative and supportive relationships and are privileged to work with companies who share our values when it comes to the recruitment of their staff and with candidates who are committed to their future.

The Perfect Fit

"Perfect Fit" – when two elements come together that are exactly suited to each other


Our promise is simple, we’ll listen, we’ll understand your needs and then we’ll deliver exactly to your requirement.


What’s more we’ll do this both ethically and fully GDPR compliant as well.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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